Quality Seal

A quality seal creates trust, transparency and increases respectability; values we live for!

As a consequence, we decided to guide our clients in obtaining different ecological quality seals. A quality seal enables your customer to see that you are showing ecological responsibility and contribute accordingly.


Our offer

We are exclusive Austrian partners of Flustix. Flustix is a sustainability label for plastic-free and partially plastic-free products as well as goods made from recycled plastics. Flustix analyses products and supply chains and then labels approved items with the Flustix certification marks. By making plastic reduction clearly visible for customers, we provide guidance and the opportunity to make a plastic-aware buying decision.

The goal: to reduce plastic waste worldwide

Although Flustix aims to reduce plastic waste, they don’t want to discredit the material as a whole. In fact, Flustix acknowledges that plastic is a valuable material which has to be economised and used in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The four flustix PLASTIC-FREE trustmarks

Plastic-free total product (turquoise)

The flustix mark for a totally plastic-free product can be considered a milestone in consumer protection and sustainability certification. For the first time in history, producers are tested by an independent institution and pledge not to market any form of synthetics to customers.

Free from microplastics (light blue)

This trustmark certifies products, namely cosmetics and sanitary articles, detergents and cleaning agents that avoid using microbeads and microplastics. Generic microplastics defined by ECHA ANNEX XV RESTRICTION REPORT are solid plastic particles or fibers smaller than five millimetres which are added to products intentionally in order to increase viscosity or friction (in cosmetics particularly to create a so-called peeling-effect.)

Plastic-free product (dark blue)

This certificate applies to products which are plastic-free inside but have to be packed in plastic for sanitary reasons, such as medical appliances or similar.

Plastic-free packaging (green)

Consumer goods which are naturally free of plastics or synthetics or prohibited from containing them by law, such as food and beverages, can only apply for the ‘plastic-free’ label for their sales packaging and trays. Cosmetics and sanitary products are not included within this category and can qualify for content-specific certifications.


Flustix Recycled

The complementary trustmark Flustix Recycled shows the use of plastic recyclates in your products.

This trustmark is the optimal solution for goods which can’t dispense of plastic but aim to contribute to environmental protection.

Contact us if you are interested in the Austrian ecolabel as well as Flustix!