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Our Team

Dr. Stefanie Mayer MSc.


Dr. Stefanie Mayer MSc. – Founder

Artistic diploma
Doctorate studies in theater, film and media arts
Master programme social work

Experience in project development and management, NGO experience
So far, my professional career has been shaped by planning, implementing and managing new projects, social and ecological aspects have always been the focus of my work. With NoPlastics I aim to make a sustainable contribution to protecting the most precious thing on our planet earth – Nature.

Anicia Jahn BSc.

Scientific Management

Anicia Jahn MSc. – Scientific Management

TU Wien faculty mechanical engineering

Experience in recycling, waste management, plastic and materials science

As the environment and nature are my passions, I aim to dedicate my career to the preservation of these treasures. In my role as scientific manager, I strive to combine the technical aspects of my education with sociopolitical themes, such as sustainability, resource management and protection of the environment.


Markus Käfer – IT

Manuela Hernandez Perez – Webdesign

Lukas Jahn – Public Relations

Together against plastics

We are happy if you connect with us. Together we get closer to our aim of reducing unnecessary plastic waste, returning it to a supervised recycling system and replacing plastic products with premium and environmentally friendly alternatives.